New Haydamaky Clip “UKROP”

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Kate Ball

kate ballThankfully, Kate Ball isn’t a typical “chick with a guitar.” KB started playing at the age of 9. Since, KB has refined her skills so successfully and crafts her songwriting so poignantly that she actually manages to sonically contest the gender stereotypes of our generation.

Speaking of gender stereotypes, Kate Ball does not subscribe to the androgyny like the ever-talented Merrill Garbus from TuNe-YaRds.

Instead, Kate Ball is genuinely beautiful with complimentary nodes of dark, moody, subtle femininity with a contrasting hint of “fuck you.”

Yes, she is over flowing with angst – but it’s actually refreshing & honest; as if she’s pouring her literal soul into every line of every song.

Kate Ball is working on her first full-length-album as a solo artist. She engages with her social network on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube and posts free music & downloads to

Kate Ball is also the Co-Founder of the successful resource blog & indie promotional company, Underland NY, which provides empowerment resources to the artists, musicians, and venues of Brooklyn & NYC.

Links to social media:

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T Music Traveler

It was the September of 1990. T Music & Organization had been together only 6 or 8 several weeks and their very first gig was at this old eating position on the Suwannee Stream in Old City, California. A 16yo lady known as Jene Linzi was the server and the only one. It wasn’t a active position. Anyway… She said she would published some lines and expected music could be put to them. He informed her to carry them to our display the following weeks time, which she did and he took them house to perform on. He doesn’t keep in mind how many she provided me or how many he consisting for but have three sessions. “Love or Lust” came out very boring, he thinks, but the two he has published here, “Jungle of Pain” and “I’m Here Now” are rather outstanding. Continue reading

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Touching Points of the Blues Since the 50s


The “Story of the Blues” is a tale coloured by quite a broad spectrum of emotion, rather than simply the tale of “a good man feelin’ down”. From its roots in communal music, vocal-only songs, slavery and religion before the 20th Century, Blues grew to touch American, European and World culture more widely after the Second World War. Many people cite The Beatles and their ilk as some of the first originators of ‘Pop Music'; this is true not because of their invention of a new form of music, but rather that those songs were popular. In many ways they were just another collective of musicians building on foundations laid by others before them, inside which it is clear to see Blues music and all its component parts.

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ODi is an Irish artist, songwriter and musician who makes the combination components of Joan Armatrading’s pathos, Michelle Orton’s eye for the exclusive and deeply with a contact of Dido’s bed-sit relationship to generate her own exclusive, fascinating audio. Last season, the blessed artist launched her First appearance record “Maslow’s Songbook”. Registered with manufacturer Karl Odlum (Fionn Regan, The Supports, Mark Kitt). The record encapsulates ODi’s amazing speech, music and lines set to a variety of wonderful musical technology scenery presenting efforts from Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Supports / Expand Season) and Rónán Ó Snodaigh (Kíla). Continue reading

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Five Fine Femme Fronted Bands

There are many fine bands, fronted by fine females, and picking out a few wasn’t easy. However, pick them out I did, and when it comes to delivering killer licks, soaring vocals and style to burn, you can’t go far wrong with these five quality acts. For those of you wondering, I’ll break the disappointment to you now – Vixen didn’t make the cut.

Blondie – Debbie Harry

American and ever-so cool. The band was born a mixture of new wave and punk that had emerged in the mid-70s. It was these prominent elements that saw the band achieve relative success in Australia and the UK, however the band remained very much ‘underground’ in the states Continue reading

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Writing Music: It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

If you listen to radio of late, you can see why some of us think a lot of current music just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Lines don’t seem to need to rhyme, sentences don’t seem to need to be connected, and music and rhythms can jump all over the map. If this new style is something you’d like to play around with, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Freeform Lyrics Can Be Fun

Many of us have studied the work of E. E. Cummings, and, for that matter, The Doors. Just as an exercise, try writing some really poetic line describing something you are feeling or sensing right now. Now write another line, just like the last. Add a few more, just for fun – they don’t have to rhyme, be the same length, or even be about the same subject. Now try matching them up to some music you might have lying around, or just rapping them out along with a drum track. Continue reading

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Stoned Jesus

stoned jesusOnly 7 several weeks after their introduction full-length history launch STONED JESUS come back with a company new line-up and a company new set of songs! The headline monitor in two variations, the “unexpectedly quick and short” one and the haunting RED TEMPLE SPIRITS protect were noted in Jan on Bambrafone producing facilities and combined in Goal by Igor and Sergey Nesterenko of ANNA, who also provided some qualifications controls for the prolonged edition of “Stormy Monday”. The history itself reveals STONED JESUS glowing at their best while still looking for more…and it’s yet to come! Continue reading

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Faccetta Nera Remix

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Progressive Rock Meets Rudyard Kipling’s “If” In New Release from Six Elements

SIX ELEMENTS BandIs the mission of music to better humankind? Not necessarily, though messages in the music created by Jon Anderson (lyricist/front man for Yes) and avant garde composer Vangelis inspire us to see the world from an altruistic perspective. Remember “We Are the World”? Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in 1985, the song was influential enough to have two artist-studded releases 25 years apart. Continue reading

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