Negura Bunget

Back in 1995, Negură Bunget started their journey as a duo, consisting of Hupogrammos (guitars/vocals/keyboards) and Negru (drums).
The following year, the band, renamed Negură Bunget recorded their debut album, Zîrnindu-să, released by the newly founded Romanian label, Bestial Records.
Măiastru sfetnic is the third opus of Negură Bunget. The album was released by Bestial Records in 1999, in a special digipak format (designed and handmade by Negură Bunget).
‘N crugu bradului followed four years later and marked the debut of a new imprint on their albums, code666 Records. The album collected excited reviews all over the media, launching Negură Bunget on an international black metal trajectory.
In November 2006, Negură Bunget released OM in a special double digipak edition, featuring a CD and a full DVD.
In October 2007, Negură Bunget signed a contract with the German label Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Production, followed by the release, in 2008, of the early Negură Bunget albums on a special digipak edition.
The spring of 2009 brought new challenges for Negură Bunget. Both Hupogrammos and Sol Faur left the band, leaving Negru to carry on the Negură Bunget adventure with the help of a new line-up, featuring Corb on guitars and vocals and Spin on guitars.
By the end of 2009, Negură Bunget completed Măiestrit, a re-interpretation of the original Negură Bunget album Măiastru sfetnic. The album is being released in March 2010, by Prophecy Productions.
Soon after, the band started to work on a new album, entitled Vîrstele pămîntului. The new album is being released by code666 Records also in March 2010, in a special handmade wood box edition.
A full European Tour, entitled Spirit of the Land is prepared for March/April/May 2010, to present the band new materials.
After having performed more than 200 times, Negură Bunget’s creative energies are still plentiful and ready to be shared through their Black Metal’s sound and their Transylvanian Spirituality.

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